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Facebook hack

Nowadays most of the websites and blogs are made with the help of Word Press. As everyone is depending on Word Press, the security of this platform is crucial. For full time bloggers, there are third-party plugins available to endure the security. According to the records, around four hundred and eight-eight million people use Facebook mobile every month. Equally hacking against Facebook accounts has witnessed a steep hype. Compared to the system version, majority of the people use Facebook mobile version.

Whenever people are stepping out of their house, they make sure they have their mobile with them. This situation is best utilized by the business entrepreneurs. Business people always try to convey their message or display their products to the users and Facebook is one of the best medium for that. Business has now changed into a social experience. Entrepreneurs started to post ads in the Facebook feeds and users from different parts of the world viewed them that helped in the growth of the business. Due to this popularity, Facebook’s mobile ad click-through rate is much higher than Twitter. Hackers utilize this opportunity and post fake ads and links which are infected. When users open them, they get trapped in the technique of Facebook hacking.

During the initial stage, Facebook’s mobile application was weak. Slowly, they began to take up the social platform base and they took lead in the market. Facebook page manager is an efficient method where you can manage multiple pages. You can handle multiple contents, reply to the comments as well as moderate them in multiple pages. This is a bonus features for marketing and business.

Marketing tips

There are different tricks in Facebook for mobile users to focus in the business. It is all about posting contents. For mobile users, the feed contents are random. So if you keep on posting 1 content per day, then there are chances users will visit your website and you could sell your products. Try to post short contents ranging from 100-160 characters. Try to make the content entertaining and add photos & questionnaire to make it interesting. Include call action keys such as “like” and “comment”.

In Facebook, you can set up offers and discount rate for your products. You can do this only if you have a place page. If you don’t have a place page you can only post status update. When an organization is marketing through Facebook, all the marketing staffs should have a thorough knowledge about the in and out of the process. Promote your store by allowing people inside and to take photographs of the store. Provide them the opportunity to post them in the official store Facebook page.

Future of marketing through Facebook

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes once it has turned public. One among them includes “promoted posts”. Once you upload content, it first goes through Edgerank filter and this filter determines which content to show in the news feeds. But Facebook only displays your content on an average of sixteen percent to your fans. There are some options which can help you increase the visibility of contents:

  • Friend lists
  • Ads
  • Sponsored stories
  • Interest lists
  • Promoted posts
  • Reach generators

But while doing all these, make sure that your contents are protected and does not fall for Facebook hacking or Facebook phishing. As an entrepreneur, you can invest in certain techniques to boost your business through Facebook:

  • You can add a sponsored story to your page that is turned into an ad.
  • Include promoted post so that they are included in everyone’s news feed.

Promoted post through Facebook helps you in different ways. If you have an upcoming webinar or special event then promoted post can helps you in doubling the reach and increasing the engagement. If your business page has minimum followers, then promoted post can help you boost the number of fans. Promoted posts are an efficient way to reach the Facebook mobile users.

For business owners, a Facebook page or an official website serves as a best platform for visitors. When a person visits your page they will perform the Most Desired Action by purchasing or reviewing your product. So whenever you are setting up a business Facebook page keep it professional and make sure they are safe and secure from Facebook hacking and other malicious threats.

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