The lurking dangers of Facebook and how to identify if someone has hacked your Facebook

Facebook hack

As we are living in a digital world, social media is gaining more popularity. Among all social media platforms, Facebook is becoming a worldwide phenomenon with around 2 billion users. Facebook is turning out to be the best social network man has ever created on the internet. The major problem Facebook is facing nowadays is the protection of privacy. Enhancement in technology has made Facebook hacking easier and thousands of accounts are getting compromised each day. Protection of privacy is turning out to be a daunting task for the developers. The best example of this is the Founder of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg was once the victim of Facebook hack. If the developer is not safe in Facebook, how can the users be?

Apart from connecting to your friends and family, Facebook acts as a good business platform. Entrepreneurs market their products, services and brands in Facebook so that it reaches a vast audience. Every business pages in Facebook generate exposure that helps the business to grow. If not provided proper security, these established pages can end up in the hands of Facebook hackers which results in data leak and financial loss. Hackers always target these types of revenue generating pages, profiles of celebrities and other popular individuals so that they can make quick bucks using the personal information from these pages.

For example, the authorities that allows authorization to specific company application or fans page is actually letting the company to access their personal email. Once this information is shared, the threat actors play various tricks to gain the personal information using Facebook hack.

When you are running a business page in Facebook, the decision to trust the privacy and security settings should be given to the company. Nowadays more critics are propagandizing Facebook and are giving advices of not to open business accounts in Facebook as they are vulnerable to Facebook hack and is weak with the privacy settings. If users implement tighter security like anti-virus software, it is a platform that helps company to earn more revenue. But understand the fact that Facebook hackers are always lurking around to find a vulnerability so that they can use them to compromise the account. Take care!

How to know someone has logged in to your account?

Social media has influenced our lives extensively. An established platform like Facebook has given enough freedom for the users to share their personal information. So, people often provide a lot of their personal information including photos, videos and other private data to their Facebook account. Your privacy is compromised when a hacker gets into your account through hacking. There are various tricks to hack your Facebook and these scams take away your information and use it in a wrong way.

From the beginning, the question of Facebook security has been a critical issue. In alignment with this many websites have come up with advanced security standards and settings to safeguard your information from strangers. Hackers always wait for a loophole to get into your account and steal your ID and password.

If you are a Facebook user and get the feeling that your account is hacked, the first and the foremost thing to do is to remove all your personal details and inform this to your friends and family who are in Facebook. You will also have the curiosity to know who hacked your Facebook account and his whereabouts.

To know that, first log in to your Facebook account and select the “Account” option. In that select the account settings. If you see any changes in your account settings, follow the given steps:

  • Open “My Account” tab
  • Open “Account Setting”
  • Now click on to the “Change” option from the list

This will give you the complete list of devices which were used to log in to your account. They also provide you with location details and the time frame during which the log in was done. Unfortunately they don’t show the IP address but you can track the location of the login.

As per the new update of Facebook you can add an extra layer of security to your account by customizing your account settings and turning on notification when anyone tries to access your account. Notification can be received through email or SMS. You can also activate OTP method for secure login with the help of HTTPS protocol.

These simple techniques can help you to stay away from malicious Facebook hacks and data leaks.

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