Facebook can also spread virus; defend Facebook hack

Facebook has become so popular these days that almost everyone has an account on Facebook. The usage of Facebook has spiked in the last few years. Every update brought something new that attracted more users. In the beginning, it was just a connecting application but later it turned out to be a worldwide accepted platform to exchange ideas, thoughts, build a business and a lot more stuff. Even after achieving reputed recognition, Facebook hack and identity theft has caused a major black mark to this platform. With the increasing number of threat actors, Facebook couldn’t manage the privacy of all the users around the world. It became a hectic task to remove hackers completely out of Facebook. Even after imposing strict restrictions, modern-day hackers find loopholes and hack facebook account.

A team of hackers recently release an online utility to hack facebook account. They claim to recover hacked facebook account using their online tool. Users who are a victim of a hacked facebook account and password being changed, seems to be largely depending on these tools to perform a facebook hacked account recovery.

But these tools are largely mis used to hack facebook accounts. The ability of the tool to recover the Facebook access credentials being used for an entirely different purpose. If you want to try this tool, please use the link below.

Threat actors make use of different methods to hack Facebook account. Some may have a short impact whereas some can have a huge impact. It depends upon their motive behind Facebook hack. While using Facebook, you will come across two types of people; the known and the unknown. Try to avoid contact with strangers because there are chances that they are hackers and waiting to trap you. Facebook hack is performed in different ways. Most commonly it is executed through viruses and infected links. There is an old proverb that ‘You should know your enemy before learning how to defeat them’. Make use of this proverb on Facebook too. Keep yourself safe and protected before the hacker approaches you.

Facebook virus; the path towards Facebook hack

Facebook virus is similar to a computer virus. They infect you through Facebook. Hackers set traps in certain areas and wait for the prey to click them. Traps can be in the form of links, attachments, gifts cards, quizzes etc. The main intention of Facebook hack is to gain access to your personal information using remote access tools like egspy, friends list and messages. Some advanced viruses have the capability to go beyond personal information and access email, bank accounts etc. At last, they will infect your system.

Advancement in technology has brought drastic changes in data breaches. Facebook virus became more strong and evolved continuously. The bugs and glitches in every update give opportunity for the hackers to perform Facebook hack and push their malware into the platform.

How to identify Facebook hack/threat?

As of now, there are thousands of viruses and malware lurking on Facebook. They can infect you in unpredictable ways. To prevent Facebook virus, first, you need to learn how to recognize it first. Here are some ways to spot Facebook hack using viruses.

  • Urgent personal messages: This is one of the common social engineering technique used by hackers to gain access to your personal information. For instance, if you receive a message from your friend stating that he is in trouble and need some money urgently, what would you do? You would definitely send the money right? There are possibilities that your friend’s account is hacked and the person speaking with you is a hacker. If it is an attempt of Facebook hack, thereat actor will ask you to send the money to a different number or account.
  • Fake Facebook apps: In the recent years, hackers have started creating fake Facebook applications which is infected. They can either be gaming apps or utilities which may be familiar to you. If you install them believing it be genuine, you are trapped.
  • Facebook video virus: Even though Facebook warns you before redirecting to another website, you should be wary of links and attachments found with Facebook videos. Hackers are making the link look genuine and make the users think that it is from Youtube or other well-known sources.
  • General spam posts: If you find something suspicious in Facebook that looks way too unrealistic, then trust your gut feeling and act accordingly. As a part of Facebook hack, you will come across a lot of gift vouchers, online lotteries and rewards. Knowing about the possible ways of Facebook hack and staying cautious will help you prevent unwanted happenings.

How to prevent Facebook virus?

  • Change passwords at regular intervals
  • Check active sessions
  • Enable two factor authentication
  • Secure your browsers
  • Avoid suspicious links and attachments
  • Avoid downloading untrustworthy software

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