Skilljar; an effective training platform for businesses

Skilljar is an online training portal that is designed attractively and effectively. They are easy-to-use training software that is widely used by online audiences. They are also utilized for marketing courses. They are mainly used by the customer managers to guide other employees to establish a great connection with the customer. Skilljar is a customer training portal that comes with ample integrations, badges, and certificates.

Based on the function, Skilljar is classified into a learning management system (LMS). Their main motive is to train credentialing customers and external audiences. They focus on businesses that market courses online. Apart from the external training, Skilljar can be used to educate employees of your organization. Since it is mobile-based software, you can use it anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

You can combine Skilljar with other applications that assist in incorporating training data into existing systems including Salesforce and Zendesk. The features of Skilljar help the employees of the organizations to manage clients on-board create LMS training programs and analyze the results.

Need for Skilljar

This is mainly opted by companies to train customers and sell courses online. They are a perfect learning management solution for your organization. The highlighting qualities of Skilljar include mobile responsiveness, combination with other applications, and strong features that provide effective professional training programs.

They have an updated toolkit with a variety of options to build the company’s training portals, attract the online audience, control user groups and track results. Skilljar is an easy-to-use software that does not require advanced skills to operate. With correct team assistance, users can learn the basics of Skilljar within two hours.

Features of Skilljar

The software provides a well-organized feature set that assists you in creating online skill portals in a simple user interface. The advanced features help users to build courses, manage groups, control restrictions and collect payment for online courses.

Admin interface

The users’ interface of Skilljar is intuitive and appealing with multiple options for managing courses online, live training sessions, training domains, and e-commerce settings. The dashboard is equipped with options for email announcements and user management.

You can also customize the home interface as well as external training domains so that you can present well-created branded web training platforms for different audiences. For performing advanced customization you need web development experience and related resources.

User management

The user management of Skilljar incorporates six in-built user roles:

  • Organization admin: helps to control all administrative features
  • Group admin: manages multiple groups at a time
  • Content admin: they helps to create and manage courses
  • Content manager: creates contents for different courses
  • Analytics admin: can access analytics
  • Group analytics manager: can access analytics for selected groups.

Groups admins can choose the teammates and assign different roles, tailor permissions and invite users to activate their accounts. Skilljar is an asset for companies having multiple trainers and content creators with a unified course design.

Using this application can make use of two options from the admin dashboard to coordinate students and other users. Admins can form groups and assign team members to them manually. You also have the facility to assign group-based course registration, promo code used to register, and custom fields.

Course builders

Under this feature, you will have the main dashboard and you can create courses and the strategies to learn them through Skilljar. You can also combine courses and plan into your learning plans which will help customers and employees to understand in a broader perspective.

Using Course builders, you can create course descriptions and club them with supporting images and videos so that the course catalog looks interesting. Builders can divide the courses into different sections and lessons. You can include contents by either dragging and dropping features or uploading them. Skilljar supports instructor-led training (ILT) as well as Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) content.

Custom domain and portals

With Skilljar, you can create multiple custom domains to support different course catalogs. Every domain in Skilljar is protected by socket layer certificates (SSL) so that they cannot be hacked easily. Skilljar also provides options for self-enrolment and paying registration fees through credit cards or other banking facilities.

Through your portals, companies can book course seats on a bulk scale and can also invite users.


Skilljar can only purchase through quotations. You have a free demo mode where you can go through the system and can directly contact their sales representative to know more about the functions and costs.

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