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eGuru Facebook Hacker

Hack Any Facebook Account

Facebook Hack Software Offline Browser Version 3.49-2 

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Offline browser to Hack a Facebook account.

eGuru Facebook Hacker Features

1.Versions available for Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, and other Unix systems.

2. The anonymous operation, Remote deployment, Remote - Uninstallation & Automatic switch for "Moved" errors

3. Two Factor Authentication(TFA) bypass, HTML parsing, SQL Parsing and tag analysis, including javascript code/embedded HTML code

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Multilingual  Windows and   Linux/Unix interface (English, Français, Castellano, Deutsch, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Italiano, Kréyòl Matinik, Magyar, Brazilian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Estonian, Swedish, Turkish, Macedonian, Japanese, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Romanian, Greek). Check our sister concern website hackfacebookpassword2020.com for hacking Facebook account online.

Guidelines on Using Facebook Hacker


You can install the application after downloading and unlocking the zip file. After installing the software you should restart the application to make sure that the application is fully loaded.

Open the Facebook account that you want to hack. The first thing you need to do when creating a hack project is specifying the account URL. This is the URL from which the hacking will initiated.

After you have copied the account URL you can add it to the remote deployment. In the remote deployment panel, you can add new remote deployment, modify them, and delete unwanted deployments.

Remote deployment is used for remotely install the Facebook hacker on to the victim's device. The Remote deployment will extract Facebook password files from the hacked Facebook account.

TFA disabler is used for disabling the Two Factor authentication and to bypass the security. If you use TFA disabler along with remote deployment, the TFA will be disabled automatically upon installation.

Facebook hacker remote deployment can extract HTML files, SQL files, and text files within the Facebook account by default.It can be configured to hack other files from the device. Upon completion, you can remotely uninstall the software.

Facebook hacker browser application supports data export in CSV format while Facebook scraper Cloud supports data export in CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats. XLSX and JSON formats will be added to the Facebook hacker extension in a future release.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee as part of our refund policy.

Our order process is conducted by our online partner sendowl.com. sendowl.com is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. sendowl.com provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

Upon downloading the "Facebook Hacker", you will get completed documentation, licenses & full access to the application.

Key Features

  • Hack one Facebook password, or more than one Facebook password together (with shared links)
  • User-selectable deployment levels
  • Quickly updates hacked accounts and resume interrupted hacking (due to connection break, crash, etc.)
  • Filter by file type, link location, structure depth, file size, account size, accepted or refused accounts or filename (with advanced wild cards)..
  • Timeout and minimum transfer rate manager to abandon slowest hacking process.
  • Wizard to specify which data must be accessed (accept/refuse: files, link, all domain, all directory)
  • Multiple-connection mode (default: 4 connections) maximizes download speed
  • HTTP compression (gzip..)
  • Proxy support to maximize speed, with optional authentication
  • Reget (resume) for partially transferred hacked files (HTTP/1.1)
  • Integrated DNS cache & Remote un-installation.

Our offline tool allows you to hack large amounts of data from hacked Facebook accounts. With offline browser you can edit hacked accounts or pages using two types of models such as -Single Scraping & Serial Scraping.

You can extract data from a single source like links, images, tables, or worksheet that helps you for viewing and analyzing the data.It allows you to scrape particular parts from a Facebook account which have URL links to detail pages like About, products, blogs, news, etc.


"You can transform the Encrypted Password text or hacked SQL codes into unique content. Further, it allows you to create and modify the Facebook posts, Passwords, image URLs of the page, and a lot more."

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